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Re: [IP] Log Books

>Anyone with a microsoft word prcessor can easily make and 
>print their own log sheets. Just use the table feature and tell it 
>how many columns and rows you want. Spacing of the columns 
>is adjustable and headings can be typed in at the top. 

This is what I did. I didn't like any of the pre-printed logs I'd
seen, so I made my own.

>I record all sorts of good stuff, i.e., which finger I jabbed last, 
>date, time, BG and of course, if one wanted to they could think 
>of many other things they might like to record. In the two or 
>three lines of the header I also record the telephone number of 
>my Endo and CDE just in case.   BW

My log has space to count protein, fiber, and fat as well as 
carbs. I also have a column where I write in "C" for count 
or "E" for estimate (about the nutritional content of a meal).
And I have nice wide columns for exercise and notes ("Bus 
late," "stressful meeting," "bleeding at site," etc.) 

I had to make a new log when I started the pump so that I 
could have one column for basal rate and one for bolus. I 
used to have one sheet that went from day to day, but now
I have a separate page (half-sheet) for each day. I just started
using Glucopilot for the graphs, and I may be able to figure
out a way to adapt it to include all the information I like to
keep track of.

/Janet L. (not really all that obsessive...)

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