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Re: [IP] Moochers?

I agree.  I am not a moocher.  I never ask for a penny for the free nutrition
guidance I have given out on this list.  A Consultant Dietitian with my
experience can easily make $75-100 per hour, yet because we have a common
'problem' (I only call it that for lack of a better word coming to my angry
mind right now,) I gladly provide advice if I can.

I may have only been a member for 3 months, but if this is how you will
insult people, I must question if you really want all of as members?

No where on the website does it say that in order to be a member, you must
pay.  If you had stated that for '$XX  you can receive Blank-blank-blank' I
would have paid.  But for now, I am trying this site out.  Even a bank will
give you a trial membership and usage of online banking for 3-4 months.

So I am using my trial period.  And no...I have not decided if I will stay.
It is because of attacks on other members that I am considering
unsubscribing.  Talk about 'Netiquette.'  We have enough people against
us...shouldn't we be united and friendly.


Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
e-mail:    email @ redacted

In a message dated 2/20/2001 07:02:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I have never been asked or coerced to pay to use a support list on the
> internet.
> In fact there are many wonderful FRee sites to host this list.
> yes I benefit from this site yes I have a computer but this computer was a
> gift to me so I am able to be connected to the outside world.
> If you consider me a moocher and if the other person sees me as disgusting
> then I will sign off this list.
> Ginny

I agree with Bonnie's posting and its tone of impatience.  I sent out a post
a while back saying something similar, although your delivery is a better
than mine was.  Basically the responses that came back were from a few people
explaining that they couldn't afford a $10 or $20 donation.  A few people
latched on my choice of the word "mooch".  Well, I still stand my ground.  If
you use this service, then you should pay something for it.  Only if one is
in very dire straits should an exception be made.  Most people are not in
this situation and most are not donating.  Sorry guys, I call that
"mooching".  I don't have the patience to sugar coat it.  What I find
interesting is that almost all the members of this group are computer owning
individuals.  Yet we can't afford $10 a month?  Let's not take something for
free; just because we can. 
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