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[IP] Daily total insulin usage for the preggers lady

Sherry, I have no idea why your doctor would be concerned about how many 
total units per day you would take.  I think he would be more concerned that 
you were taking enough to keep your blood sugars in good control (and keeping 
your baby smaller and healthier).  I was never told anything about a cap on 
total daily insulin when I was pregnant (7.5 & 5 years ago), and I did go 
over the 100 mark.  I went from about 30 to 110 units per day (around the 8th 
month & then started cutting back dramatically around week 36).  I also saw a 
team of Drs (endos & ob's) that were knowledgeable and experienced with 
diabetic  pregnancies & they had no comments when I crossed over the 100 mark 
except to say don't hold back and run high, keep increasing the insulin as 
needed.  (and it needed to be increased a lot from 26 to 36 weeks)   Maybe 
things have changed in the last five years, but that's the way it was with me.

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