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Re: [IP] ANTE UP!!!

I agree with Bonnie's posting and its tone of impatience.  I sent out a post 
a while back saying something similar, although your delivery is a better 
than mine was.  Basically the responses that came back were from a few people 
explaining that they couldn't afford a $10 or $20 donation.  A few people 
latched on my choice of the word "mooch".  Well, I still stand my ground.  If 
you use this service, then you should pay something for it.  Only if one is 
in very dire straits should an exception be made.  Most people are not in 
this situation and most are not donating.  Sorry guys, I call that 
"mooching".  I don't have the patience to sugar coat it.  What I find 
interesting is that almost all the members of this group are computer owning 
individuals.  Yet we can't afford $10 a month?  Let's not take something for 
free; just because we can.  
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