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[IP] Re (IP) significant other

<<<snip>>> My question to you- aside from just needed a place to vent the frustration of discovering that my best friend is utterly clueless- is first, how do I explain/teach the importance, emotional stress, and just plain weight of having DM to someone who doesn't have it?  <<<snip>>>

Julie, my way of educating my boyfriend about these things was, I found, just to talk to him about them.  I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now, and at first he thought very similar things to what yours thinks.  As we dated longer and got closer I started talking to him more about the frustrations I felt and how good I felt when things went wrong, and especially my frustration with always having to think about it because it was so important.   Now he's almost gone the wrong direction of being too concerned!  No, just kidding--sometimes I get annoyed when he asks me about whether I've tested, etc., but it's concern on his part, and he has developed a sixth sense about when I'm low.  I agree with what others have said about books not being the best way--I think actually experiencing it through you is the best way, and for me and my boyfriend he experienced it by my talking about it.

Hope this helps--it sounds like he must be a really great guy to care about it.  I don't know about you, but I have dated guys who were so freaked out by needles that they dumped me because of diabetes.  After those experiences I'm much more appreciative of people who stick by me even if it bothers them and the people who don't blink an eye!

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