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Re: [IP] significant other

Julie wrote:
My boyfriend is very helpful (and when he's not he tries really hard) when 
it comes to the daily ins and outs of DM, but doesn't have a clue what it's 
like to really live with it.

Hi Julie,

My husband is like your boyfriend. He is very knowledgeable about diabetes 
and even at times will shed some light on something I hadn't noticed.

The problem is that he acts like diabetes is no big deal. Like it's as 
common as a mosquito bite- a nuisance, but nothing that should inhibit 
living life like you want to.

I finally realized that it's a coping mechanism for him. He wants me to live 
as long as possible. And most of the time, my diabetes is silent to him. So 
it is possible for him to forget what a horrible disease it really is.

I am fine with this, because it is my disease and his role is to be 
supportive. He listens to everything I have to say. We talk about diabetes 
like most people speak of the weather. This past weekend I asked if he would 
insert a sil in an area I couldn't reach, and he did it without hesitation 
or complaint. I'm not sure I would have done the same had our situations 
been reversed.

If your boyfriend is interested, helpful and concerned, be thankful for 
that. I bet he's aware of more than you think.

Sheilagh and Lucy
Pumping 8 months!!
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