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[IP] Glad to hear the good news!

Hi List

Haven4t posted in a while. Just wanted to say I4m very happy for Carolyn 
Green on her son being o.k.!

On the other hand, Eileen is doing well. Lately, she4s been forgetting to 
bolus after she eats. Last night just bolused half of her insulin for dinner 
and forgot the other half. 2 hrs. later, 328!! Ooops!
This has been a pain for me because now I4m going to have to be after her 
like the pump police!
Her endo noted some heart murmur on her last checkup, had a halter done and 
she4s presenting some "tachicardia". I don4t know if this is the correct 
term, it means her hear is beating more times than it should. Endo says 
maybe due to lows. Are completing lab tests to visit cardiologist again and 
see what his final opinion is.

Mom of eileen, 12, happily pumping since August/2000!

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