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Re: [IP] What to tell the Endo??

In a message dated 2/20/01 8:00:23 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> .  My sister, who has seen a daughter with DM through the teen years 
> keeps telling me not to make myself crazy-that you really can't have good 
> control all the time during adolescence.  I remind myself that I have to 
> keep 
> her safe and both of us sane and the numbers will get more predictable.

   I think more damage has been done over the years by doctors espousing this 
"you can't have good control during adolescence" line. I met a couple at a 
JDF event whose 2 teens both had diabetes. I was telling them about then 15 
yr old Melissa's 2 yrs experience on the pump, extolling being able to sleep 
late, eat whatever, whenever, etc. The mom laughed & said " oh my kids do 
that anyway". I replied that pre-pump, if Melissa slept late, her bgs would 
be in the high 200s-300s & of course this mom snickered & said her 2 kids' 
bgs WERE in that range, AND their A1Cs were in the low teens...BUT...she 
wasn't concerned because their endo had said "you can't expect it to be any 
better for teenagers!" When I told her Melissa's pre-pump A1C was 8.8 and her 
A1C six months later at age 13 was 6.8, her smile faded somewhat!
    Sadly, too many doctors are so inured to non-compliance that they just 
assume patients won't do what it takes to achieve these kinds of numbers & 
consequently don't push the point that it IS possible to be both "safe and 
sane" blood-sugar-wise with an adolescent IDDM-er......but it DOES take A LOT 
of "teamwork" & when you factor in financial, marital, familial, career, etc. 
issues, there often isn't enough left for a beleaguered parent to deal with 
yet one more battle. I truly feel for these parents. The last thing they need 
is for a physician to chastise them & make them feel even worse....and yet, 
if no one enlightens them as to HOW to achieve better control, how will it 
ever improve??? A "catch-22" conundrum if ever there was one...sigh
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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