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[IP] What to tell the Endo??

If you are in a rural area with only one endo, you might start looking around 
for an internist with a special interest in endocrinology.  Given the choice, 
I'd pick an intelligent and helpful generalist over a specialist with an 
attitude problem.
Also, you didn't mention your son's age, but the mention of pre-school and 
pre-dance numbers suggests he's an adolescent.  I have a 12 year old whose 
numbers have been all over the place recently and I've been so frustrated and 
worried.  My sister, who has seen a daughter with DM through the teen years 
keeps telling me not to make myself crazy-that you really can't have good 
control all the time during adolescence.  I remind myself that I have to keep 
her safe and both of us sane and the numbers will get more predictable.
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