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[IP] Re: Significant other

> > I don't think reading a book on Dm would be helpful.. Slow, logical
explanations as circumstances arrise would be my choice. > >

That is good advice, however, I find that as these *circumstances* (lows)
arise is not the time for *me* to explain. I have a s-i-l who Q's me during a
low and I get frustrated and cry or whatever trying to explain what's
happening. I did one day remember to tell her about lows (my BASH booklet also
helped a lot) while I was rational. (we live 100 mi. from her.) So, I would
adjust the above advice to slow, logical explanations when appropriate will
help both you and him to communicate about it. I'm still learning and I doubt
he could be taught/learn all at once anyway. (~_^) YMMV

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