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Re: [IP] What to tell the Endo?? (suggestions?)

I am assuming that you are in a rural area and have no other alternative than 
to continue taking abuse from this incompetent endo.  She has an attitude and 
is uneducated in the state of the art diabetes management; pumps are no 
longer considered "new".  Your relationship with her is really one of role 
reversal.  You are paying her, which means you are the customer.  It is her 
job to add value to you during the office visit; not to back you up against 
the wall and make you defend yourself.  Your job is to listen to the helpful 
advice and information she is supposed to be giving you to help you better 
manage your child's diabetes maximize the benefits of the pump.  If she is 
not helpful, and has an attitude as well, you should dump her.  You are the 
one dealing with a chronic illness, take control of the endo visit as well as 
the diabetes!  I wish I could be more helpful, but I don't want to give you 
strategies for when this aggressive doctor backs you up against the wall (and 
she is the one who doesn't know pumps).  You have enough problems, you don't 
need this.  You paid for your kid's pump, she isn't doing you any favors.  
Even if the A1C stays the same on the pump, then you are ahead of the game be 
achieving an improved life style over the shots.  Hang in there baby.
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