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[IP] RE: Meter Accuracy was ONE TOUCH ULTRA vs FAST TAKE

>i talked to the people at life scan as well as my cde...... both the fast
>take and ultra are PLASMA blood machines which are within 12% accuracy of a
>lab result whereas the one touch profile is a WHOLE BLOOD machine
>which isnt
>as accurate.......

All bG meters, whether reporting plasma or whole blood, must be accurate
within 20% according to the FDA.  All home bG meters read whole blood but
most are now adding a factor of ~12% to the result so the display can be
similar to a lab.  Meters that report calculated plasma readings are not,
by definition, more accurate than whole blood meters nor are they
necessarily accurate within 12%.  Since capillary (whole blood) may differ
from plasma by more or less than 12% depending on how long its been since a
meal, its my opinion that whole blood meters are more consistent in their
accuracy.  However, I readily admit that my logic may be flawed.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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