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<email @ redacted> wrote:

> does anyone use the one touch ultra?  my CDE just offered to give me one but
> said she's a little leary about the accuracy of 5 minute tests.........
> anyone else using it and what are your results???

If the meter is approved by the FDA then the manufacturer has demonstrated
that the accuracy and precision are within the limits of *all* home test
meters - that is that they meet the requirements for a waived laboratory test
(waived meaning they are not subject to regular proficiency testing, training
of the operator, etc.).

Comparing results among those who use it is really not helpful as *no* waived
test is intended to be either diagnostic or prognostic.  It is intended to
show *trends* or be useful for screening.  To validate the accuracy or
precision, it is necessary to compare the results to standard laboratory
tests, not to what others obtain when they use the waived equipment.

Jim Handsfield
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