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[IP] re: what to tell the endo


Folks living with diabetes know the value of those readings that we take 
soon after eating, before classes, after vigorous exercise, etc., that will 
look really out of range to endo's and CDE's, etc.  My suggestion would be 
to take in data that will not put you in a position of having to "explain" 
if that would feel intimidating and unhelpful to you.   Empower yourself by 
planning how you would like the visit to go.  Visulize, if that's not too 
new-age...  If you don't want to have to explain some of the numbers, and 
you're not looking for suggestions about them, create a log book that just 
shows the pre-meal numbers.  It sounds like you know what to expect from 
this person; in other words, don't show her any data that would give her 
"ammo" for a lecture, put-downs, challenges, etc.

You're doing a GREAT JOB, trying to find patterns and using your child's bg 
data to make helpful, healthful changes.  Keep on gathering the data you 
need.  Just don't show it all to your endo, unless YOU would find a 
discussion about it helpful in some way.  Good Luck!

Sally, mom to Nora 7, dx 4/98 pump 11/00

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