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Re: [IP] What to tell the Endo?? (suggestions?)

Hi & Congrats on all of your hard work!
> This Endo is the non-supportive-sit-back-and-watch-you-crash-and-burn type.
OK, stop right here.  I know others have mentioned this but let me repeat.
Start looking for a new Endo, ASAP.  I realize that this is a big step, but
any physician that is unwilling to assist their patients live life to the
fullest when living with a chronic disease, well that's just not right.  If
she is  willing to let anybody 'crash and burn' she wouldn't be my Endo.
> Now, my question I will put out to all you pros out there is how do I justify
> the "bad" numbers
There are NO bad numbers.  Look for patterns.  If numbers are in target then
basal and bolus's are right on.  I nyumbers are always out of target, then
either basal or bolus needs some tuning up.  If numbers are occasionally out
of range (like 2-3 meals a week) then it's probably those phantom carbs that
find us all ;-)
> To the untrained eye I could see someone thinking we are all over the
> map...
Well the Endo is suppose to be the one WITH the trained eye. If she still
can't see the 'important' numbers just take a fat marker and 'black out '
any/all extranious data.
> Maybe just some examples of how you pumpers or pumper kids were treated by
> your endos would be what I am looking to hear about.
My nephew was diagnosis at age 2 with DM.  He is currently on shots.  But
now that he is starting to talk, his endo makes every effort to talk to him
and my sister about what is going on.  Of course the questions are simple,
but his Endo wants him involved

Good luck
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
IDDM since '84, DCCT control group, MM507 since '96.
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