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[IP] significant other

My boyfriend is very helpful (and when he's not he tries really hard) when
it comes to the daily ins and outs of DM, but doesn't have a clue what it's
like to really live with it.  He's fine about getting up for a midnight run
to the kitchen or disconnecting my pump when we get intimate, and other
little stuff like that.  The bad side?  Just theother day he compared DM to
having "a little athsma."  Am I wrong to be upset about that?  He's such a
sweet and caring guy, and I know it's not his fault, but it seems like he
thinks it's no big deal.  He thinks I take shots and eat a little extra food
when I get hungry and that's the whole story.  My question to you- aside
from just needed a place to vent the frustration of discovering that my best
friend is utterly clueless- is first, how do I explain/teach the importance,
emotional stress, and just plain weight of having DM to someone who doesn't
have it?  And also, does anyone know of any books- maybe something
biographical, not technical but more on the personal side, that a guy
wouldn't find too boring?  Thanks!
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