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[IP] Joshua's endo appt

We just got back from our ped endo (the one who said "maybe" about putting him
on the pump).

So, without saying this right out - she hinted around that she does not want
us to leave, that she will go to the Barbara Davis Center this summer to learn
about putting kids Joshua's age (3 3/4) on the pump.  She will be getting 2
partners this summer - which will give her MUCH more time to do the stuff that
she has wanted/needed to do for the past 3 years that she has been doing all
this alone (I can't imagine that work load)

Also, she said that MiniMed is coming out with a wonderful new pump that does
more than just pump insulin into your body (she said they couldn't tell her
more specifics, but needless to say it will be a whole lot better than the
pumps out now).

So I'm thinking between all of this new found knowledge, we might stay with
our current ped endo, and will get Joshua on the new Minimed pump (unsure when
it will come out, but they are doing clinical studies right now) at our
current ped endos office.  Can I wait?  Ummmm, don't know.  We will still
interview the places in SD and Kansas City.

Our doc said that she is doubtful that our insurance will pay for a pump for
Joshua now, but not want to shell out more bucks when the new Minimed comes
out.....another thing to think about.

She did think that Joshua was still honeymooning (2 years, 2 months).  I was
sort of amazed by that.  We did switch back to Ultralente (instead of NPH).
Yeah!  Back to 3 shots instead of 4!

Well, that's my story of lasting importance!  Can't wait to get that dreaded
A1C in a week or so!

Joshua 3 3/4 (dx'd 18m)
Jacob 6
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