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Re: [IP] Funny Low BG Stories

--- Sherry Compton <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well, I have one that's funny to me NOW, but wasn't
> at the time. This was before I
> started pumping when I was trying to lower my A1C by
> trying different times and
> doses on MDI.
> I decided to go to Wal-Mart before eating dinner.  I
> wanted to pick up a few things,
> maybe $20 worth.  So I went in the store and almost
> immediately started feeling
> fuzzy and confused.  I was pushing the cart around
> the grocery area when it suddenly
> came to me that I had been wandering around the same
> two aisles for God knows how
> long, back and forth. This Wal-Mart has a McDonalds
> in it.  I walked away from my
> cart and stood in line, trying to decide what I
> wanted.  Finally I got an apple pie
> and large fries. No drink. I know the employee
> thought I was drunk because I had
> trouble counting out the money and was slurring
> badly.
> So then I stood hunched over my cart in the middle
> of the store, scarfing down
> food.  I even opened a hot container of soda out of
> my cart and drank from it.
> When I got to the check out I realized I had spent
> almost $70, almost all of it junk
> food purchases.  When I got home my husband said I
> had been gone for hours. Who
> knows how long I wandered back and forth.   GEEZ.
> Sherry C
> From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
 Is it one of those signs your going low when most of
your  purchases are junk food?I've noticed this
happens to me also when low(while shopping,
altamaticly going to the food wherever it is,junk food
preferred)LOL they should add this to the list of hypo
symptoms. Healthy food doesn't appeal to me much in a

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