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Re: [IP] What to tell the Endo?? (suggestions?)

In a message dated 2/19/01 3:23:09 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .  If I just went with meal numbers like we did on
> injections I would see great numbers most of the time.  But there have been
> days I check an hour after a meal...even 20 mins after a meal so I record
> everything.  I KNOW that overall my sons numbers are good, in fact getting
> better every day! But those in bettween numbers (pre-preschool 
> check/pre-dance
> class check/after tobogganing check etc.) look kind of bad.  Does anyone
> understand what I am getting at?  

i know exactly what you mean...... thus my post about 2 hour versus 3 hours, 
etc..... i test one hour, two hour and three hours after....... of course at 
one hour it looks high and even sometimes at two hours.  i was told that at 
one hour after you eat, you should be between 40 and 80 point higher than 
pre-meal........ i'm my lowest at three hours so just tell your doc to only 
look at the premeal, etc....... if he knows about pumping and even the action 
of H, he will know what you are talking about!!!!
of course the sugars go up in between or else we wouldnt be back to where we 
were when we started with giving a bolus........ they have to go higher and 
also need to cover our carbs to make the bolus bring them back to 
normal........otherwise we would be low......
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