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[IP] What to tell the Endo?? (suggestions?)

Hi all: We have our next visit to our Endo next Monday (26th) and should be
 This Endo is the non-supportive-sit-back-and-watch-you-crash-and-burn type.

Now, my question I will put out to all you pros out there is how do I justify
the "bad" numbers I have in my log book.  They (the out-of-range numbers) are
not apparent all the time, and since we check sometimes very frequently we
have some numbers that are way out there.  In fact there are times I check
just to be sure of a number.  If I just went with meal numbers like we did on
injections I would see great numbers most of the time.  But there have been
days I check an hour after a meal...even 20 mins after a meal so I record
everything.  I KNOW that overall my sons numbers are good, in fact getting
better every day! But those in bettween numbers (pre-preschool check/pre-dance
class check/after tobogganing check etc.) look kind of bad.  Does anyone
understand what I am getting at?  I record and make notes and graphs including
every bg check I take off him...

To the untrained eye I could see someone thinking we are all over the
map...What if the Endo challenges me with something like..."Well, this is
apparently not working."  I KNOW it is, and the highs and lows are so easily
and quickly corrected. This Endo is very intimidating.  She will quiz me on my
knowledge of ratios etc. and there are things we pumpers do that are tried and
true tips from others, but are not text book practice.

I just don't want to look like I do not know what I am doing.  I KNOW I am
doing the best I can and it takes time to get on track.

Maybe just some examples of how you pumpers or pumper kids were treated by
your endos would be what I am looking to hear about.

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