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[IP] first pump commercial

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001 J Hughey" <email @ redacted> tried to implicate me 

>>> I would like to have information on the creation of the pump since the
>>>80's developement to the pumps currently on the market.
>I wasn't on the first pump - perhaps Yerachmiel Altman can assist here - but
>you can see  a pic of my first pump, a CPI/Lilly (Cardiac Pacemakers Inc.)

OK.  I'm not the longest pumper on this list but I don't think there is anyone 
here who was on the backpack pump.  The first two commercially available pumps 
(in the US) were the MillHill and the AutoSyringe.  I don't know what happened 
to the MillHill but AutoSyringe got sold to BektonDickson and then resold to 

I started on an AutoSyringe AS*6C back in June of '81 (my 20 year is coming up 
this june for whoever wants to tell me how to celebrate) but I know we have a 
few 20+ pumpers on the list.

I'm also aware that there is at least one employee of Minimed who wore the 
backpack pump (someone on their 24 hour support line accidentally told me that 
once when I said I was a long time pumper) (I don't know who it is but if it 
is really important write to me seperately and I'll try to get contact info).

As for pictures of my first pump I've already seperately sent them to both 
Michael and Jan for web use.

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