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Re: [IP] A1c info. from Diabetes.com

Darrin Parker wrote:
> This is a good summary of all conclusions I've encountered over the last
> six years regarding target A1C's.  However the one factor not mentioned is
> quality of life!  IMHO I would add:  "...and without significantly lowering
> one's quality of life".
> That's why we're here.  Not ot keep a perfect A1C but to have some fun too.

Agreed!  :)

And the definition of quality of life differs from person to person. For
example, when my BG is above 200 I FEEL crappy, so I do my best to keep
it below that figure! I'd much rather test more often than feel high. 

Other people seem not to be as sensitive to high BGs as I am, so for
them, quality of life may be NOT to test, but go on with their business. 

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