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[IP] frustrating weekend trip

This past weekend we went on a little trip to see our other daughter (Eve's
sister) at college. Friday night we left home and set a temporary basal
increase of .2 per hour for the 3 hour drive. Then Saturday we drove the
remaining 4 hours and forgot to set a basal increase. On Sunday we drove
home, about 7 hours straight, and again set a temporary basal increase of .2
per hour until we arrived home and we had her check half way home, and we
her bolus down for her high.

The results of our trip weren't very good.

Friday night when she checked at the motel (had driven 3 hours) she was 340,
this was with the temporary basal increase of .2 per hour.

Saturday about noon (had driven 4 hours) when we arrive at our destination
she was 375 this was with no temporary increase. Not much difference.

Now on Sunday, when we arrived home she was close to 500! What gives? We had
a temporary basal increase of .2 for the 7 hours we drove and  we had her
check half way, (she was 200) and she bolused down, targeting to 100. WHAT

At this point I'm very frustrated.

For long car trips how much do you raise basals???

In the near future we will again be visiting Eve's sister. What do we do?
Any ideas?

Deborah mom to Eve 13.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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