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Re: [IP] Darn Non-Diabetics And "Perfect" Diabetics (Long)

Be thankful that you of all people are smarter than those family members and
you should feel a sense of pride in knowing you have overcome!
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Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 11:00 PM
Subject: [IP] Darn Non-Diabetics And "Perfect" Diabetics (Long)

> Ok, I need to vent on this topic too!  I can't help it
> - this topic gets me soooo angry!  >:-(
> I have a family members who have to put their two
> cents worth of information in when they really don't
> know enough about the disease to warrant saying
> anything, even if they themselves are diabetic.
> My mother, for example, HATES my pump.  She thinks it
> is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  She
> has told me, numerous times, that if I had been 18 and
> living with her when I was diagnosed that I wouldn't
> have even been allowed to THINK about getting a pump.
> She has called me saying that she hates the pump, that
> she has talked to "knowledgeable" health professionals
> who say that the pump is "evil," "bad," "could kill
> me," etc.  One person even told her that I would be
> prone to KIDNEY infections on the pump because of the
> infusion set and would have to go on dyalisis or get a
> kidney transplant!  (One of my kidney's is smaller
> than the other one so I need to take extra care of
> them and that fueled her to "warn" me about it so I'd
> make the "right" decision.)
> Then, I hate those family members who say to me, "Gee,
> I didn't realize your diabetes was THAT bad that you
> had to go on the pump.  If your doctor was as good as
> you say he is, why aren't you regulated?  You know if
> he was doing a better job you wouldn't have to be on
> the pump.  In fact, you wouldn't have to be on insulin
> AT ALL."
> It gets worse, especially when the same person says,
> "Wow, I didn't realize you were taking such good care
> of your diabetes that you are allowed to be on the
> pump!  You must be really proud of yourself for doing
> so well!"
> Grrrr!  I HATE that!  On one hand, you have people
> saying that they think you needed to be regulated
> (with PERFECT blood sugars) before you need/can get a
> pump.  On the other hand, you can have people (it
> really bugs me if they are the same person) saying
> that your diabetes must be "sooooo out of control and
> desperate" to think about/be on the pump.....
> Grrrr!  Then there is the situation I HATE HATE HATE -
> those people who assume that because X family member
> quit taking insulin and is doing fine that ALL
> diabetics shouldn't take insulin; that we are too lazy
> and if we would go out and exercise we wouldn't have
> to be on shots or the pump because X family member
> "got it together" and could stop taking insulin.
> My grandfather is a case I'd like to mention.  He
> considers himself a "borderline diabetic."  To give
> him credit, he exercises every day and follows his
> meal plan.  While he isn't on insulin or oral meds, he
> does have good blood test results for his glucose
> levels.  (His HbA1C results are 7 or lower.)
> He believes that my dietician and CDE are QUACKS
> because they put me on the pump (he talked with
> another diabetic friend of his who happens to have a
> doctor who thinks pumps should be banned) and they
> "let me eat whatever I want."  Even though I keep to
> my original diet (I still keep 3 hours in between
> meals and almost never skip meals everyday just like I
> did when I was on shots) I have boasted to them that,
> with the pump, I can go out and have a hot fudge
> sundae once in awhile (as in NOT everyday for
> breakfast, lunch and dinner) and not have a bad effect
> from the situation if I handle it responsibly.  His
> response is always sarcastic: "I wish I had YOUR
> diabetes educator/dietician - I'd be able to get away
> with doing/eating anything I wanted!"
> Grrrr!  He feels that I shouldn't be on insulin and
> that if I'd drink more water I'd be "getting rid of
> the excess sugar in my blood."  According to him, I
> just need to "get off my lazy butt and exercise" like
> he does, even though I take 19 credits (and therefore
> am running around campus everyday), do workstudy
> (again running around), bowl 3 games every Saturday
> and again on Sunday, ride horses and sometimes go to
> the gym and swim!!!  What do I need to do to exercise
> more, sleep while running on a
> treadmill!?!?!?!?!?!There's more, but I think you all
> get the point.....
> In the end, no matter HOW hard you try, no matter HOW
> much you tell them, they still are going to believe
> those "old fashioned" nurses and doctors because they
> have a title after their name and we don't.  They will
> follow X article because it is published and we
> haven't published anything.  Believe me - I've tried
> to educate my family, but they JUST DON'T GET IT!!!
> And they won't until they WANT to listen or get it.
> My family thinks I am "lazy" and "un-responsible"
> because I have a difficult time getting "perfect"
> readings each and every time I test.  To them,
> anything I say is an excuse because "I just don't care
> enough."  If I have a high reading and say, "I know
> why I got that reading; it's all my fault" the first
> thing that comes to their mind was that I was
> "over-indulging" when in reality I could have realized
> there was an air bubble in my tubing.  (And I really
> get lectured if I accidently forgot to bolus - rare,
> but I'm ashamed to admit it has happened.)
> So, all I just do is vent to you guys and say,
> behind their backs, try to realize that they DO mean
> well and want me to be happy and healthy.  I just hope
> they remain healthy for the rest of their lives
> because I don't really want them to find out the hard
> way how it really is..........
> So, today's signature line is going to be different.
> It's going to have my "TITLES" after my name because I
> think they are just as important as any other title
> you may see from any doctor/nurse/etc. because I LIVE
> through my health conditions.  I am human - I am ME -
> after all, and I'll be damned if what I experience
> doesn't amount for anything!!!
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