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[IP] Re: wild ratios

Nita wrote:

>>Jessica's insulin/Carb ratios have really gone off the deep end nowadays.
Does anyone else experience anything like this?

Breakfast 1:12
lunch 1:15
Dinner 1:35<<

Lauren's after one month of pumping (Happy Anniversary!! It's like counting
months with a high school boyfriend!), Lauren's carb ratios are:

Breakfast 1:10
Lunch 1:35
Dinner 1:25.

Go figure. It seems to be working. Funny thing is when it comes to
correcting a low she is always 25 carbs = 80 points in blood sugar. Go
figure. Today she was between 125 and 70 for an entire 24 hour period,
checking every two hours!!!

Mom of Lauren, 9, pump queen
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