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Re: [IP] Those Darn Non-DM'ers

email @ redacted wrote:
> My current favorite is "low blood sugar." If I mention it,
> non-DMers will say things like "oh, yes, I feel terrible when
> my blood sugar is low." Of course, they have never actually
> tested their blood sugar with a meter. They're just talking
> about the folk medical concept of "low blood sugar," which
> basically means "feeling tired for no obvious reason." It has
> absolutely nothing to do with hypoglycemia as experienced
> by diabetics or people with reactive hypoglycemia. It probably
> has nothing to do with blood sugar at all. Arrrgh.

I once had an assistant who SWORE that certain foods caused low blood
sugar. (She was obsessive about food and health, anyway!) So one day, I
asked her to tell me when she was low, and I would test her to find out
what her BG really was. Well, she was SURE she was low, and she came out
at 108 on a whole-blood machine. I don't think ANYONE could call that a
low BG. 

After that, she stopped complaining about low blood sugar, so I guess it
did some good!!!!

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