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[IP] Anemia question

> Has anyone hear had anemia that has NO underlying cause?  I am
> currently anemic at such a low iron level that I am considered
> depleted.  My doctor suspected my stomach was bleeding from having
> to take Motrin for many years due to a shoulder injury.  I had an
> endoscopy done today and my stomach is not bleeding.  Stool samples
> were negative for blood. My doctor, I'm sure will run other tests
> but has anyone ever heard of long term diabetes causing anemia this
> badly?  I check my sugars quite often and wonder if even those 8-12
> drops of blood per day used to test could eventually cause this. 
> Any advise would be appreciated as I would certainly like to find
> the cause of this.  Currently I am on daily iron supplements.
the anemia of chronic disease is what my doc told me was responsible for my
anemia. the same hla haplotype responsible for type 1 diabetes is also
responsible for pernicious anemia and other immune diseases, lupus can also
cause an anemia. those few drops of blood are enough to cause anemia after
a while also, there could be be a malabsorption syndrome. spot
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