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Re: [IP] Those Darn Non-DM'ers

One thing that really bugs me is when they say they're
getting a sugar "high,"-after eating something sweet
and junkfoody.I always think,"Yeah, right,your
pancreas is problibly producing plenty of insulin and
what you're really feeling is a slight low from that
extra insulin push.Highs never make anyone
hyperactive,lows do.If you were high you wouldn't be
bouncing off the walls right now," as my coworkers are
notorious for this.They don't know what a "high"
really is, or how sluggish it makes one feel.Another
weird one is a claim from a type 2 friend(pill-taking)
who claimed drinking water lowered his bgs fine.I was
tempted to ask him why he still took pills if that was
the case.The list goes on..one of my collage
instucters(a chiropracter,no less,do they go to
med.school?) told us that a diabetics bgs always ran
300-600 and a "normal" bg was 180.I fumed the entire
time,wondering where she'd gotten her degree from and
how long ago.The rest of her speech was a equally
strange mix of fact and fiction.Just goes to prove
what a mess we'd be in if we listened to everyone with
an opinion.

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