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Re: [IP] kid

Jane Holzka wrote:
>I understand the gag order Gail and I understand why you 
>would have to follow it.  However, there are a lot of us who 
>don't and I think this is an important issue.  I'd like to hear 
>from other people who agree.

I do. I've been trying to think about what more to do. The
main thing that I feel that I can do personally is publicize
the problem. Educate people. Talk about it, write about it.

I have a lot of plans for essays and articles to write (and
I'm even working on some of them) about diabetes. Some
of them would be written from my own experience, but
others would require me to interview others, especially
parents and kids. Topics I'm thinking about include

* a day in the life (I've mentioned this one already)
* bringing up a child with diabetes
* diabetes at school
* media perception and portrayal of diabetes
* getting mistaken for drunk or high or otherwise 
being treated like an illegal drug user or addict

Maybe the last topic should be bumped to the top of 
the list.

The problem is that I have very little time to put into
things like this. Writing based on my own experience
just sort of happens (I already have a draft of the "day
in the life" essay), but interviewing people takes time, 
and I'm not a journalist by training (I'm an anthropologist,
turned software developer, turned medical writer). When 
I'm ready to write the articles on parenting and schools, 
I'd love to interview some of you folks. I'm also not sure 
where I'd try to publish them. Salon bought that one article, 
but I'm not sure how quickly they'd feel saturated by the topic. 
The parenting articles would probably be a good fit for 
their "Life" section -- formerly "Mothers Who Think." But 
an actual print publication might be better. What I *don't*
want to do is write for the diabetes publications. I want to
write for a more general audience.

/Janet L.

P.S. Part of the proceeds from any articles written with 
the assistance of folks on the list would be donated to 
Insulin Pumpers and other worthy organizations. Not
that it's likely to be much money.

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