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cured of their diabetes by this simple regimen of whatever it was. My advice, 
ignore all this well meaning drivel from idiots, see your doc and do your 
best to follow his advice,  knowing full well that it is sympomatic for all 
diabetics to cheat on their diets a little. Fact is that since starting pump 
thearpy, I rarely mention the D word, and just bolus for what I eat and let 
it go. Working pretty good so far. BW

way to handle it, mrs spot bought me chocolate coated pretzles, mmmm. she
told the proprietor of the candy shop that i had diabetes, tying to get
thecarb count but thewomen didn't believe i could eat her candy with a
pump. mrs spot was upset, i said forget it, who cares. I never tell anyone
about my diabeasties because i don't want to hear about what i should/
should not do. or how some one's aunt sadies cousin got cured and never had
to take  insulin again spot
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