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Subject: Re: [IP] A SAD DAY..... VERY DEPRESSED  :o(

I had something similar happen to me.  The first thing you need to do is
get an
appointment with a Nephrologist.  The cause can be something other than

In my case the Nephrologist changed my ACE inhibitor to Cozaar from
Captopril and
did a biopsy to determine what the problem really was.  I was diagnosed with
membranous glomerlurneupraphy that seems to have cleared up more or less
completely.  I go for a 24 hr urine test next month.  The last one 4 months
was nearly normal.

email @ redacted wrote:

> what was supposed to be a happy day for me turned out to be a sad day for
> me!!  i started LIVE today with my pump and everything went fine, but
after i
> got out of my 'training,' i got my results back from my 24-hour urine.
> my 24-hour protein was 2139!!!!!!  normal is 0-150!!!!!!
> my microalbumin was 1313!!!!!  normal is 0-25!!!!
> i left the doctor's office crying and sat in the car for about a half hour
> crying and very upset!  i know that is high!  has anyone ever had theirs
> high?
> i take zestril at bedtime for this but never thought it would ever get so
> high!  i've been T1 for 19 years now and already have neuropathy and a few
> other complications, but this one scares the s--t out of me because i am
> terrified at the thought of having to go on dialysis!
> does anyone know at what point one needs to go on dialysis?  what is the
> deciding urine result that 'pushes one over'?
> well, thanks to all of you who read this and hopefully who may be able to
> offer some advice or some comfort!  i sure could use it  :O(
> Happy Valentine's Day!!
> xoxo
> gina
Gina, you are appropriatly upset, high blood pressure is a contributing
factor to diabetic nephropathy along with having the wrong genes, again.
the need for dialysis is when kidney function decreases enough to leave
waste products in the blood causing fatigue, anemia and loss of appitite as
well as retention of potassium and water. there is no number which tells
doc to dialyze someone. Have your doc send you to a nephrologist. get an
ultrasound of your kidneys before going and take the films as well as
copies of all your blood work. your endo can write the order for the
ultrasound.all of us wish you the best in your travails. spot you can write
me off list for any special questions
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