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[IP] GAIL'S VENt, stupid state rules

I have a kid that is a Type 1 and was court ordered into one of 
these drug treatment facilities. Before going in he was in our 
secured facility and receiving Advanian and insulin. At the point he 
was moved into the drug treatment he was removed from all meds 
and placed on a restricted diet by the "medical staff." He 
complained everyday that he felt awful and the only time his 
bloodwork or bs were checked was on admission 23 days ago. 
They were at an "acceptable level" upon admission. 

I saw him today and the boy was very sick. He was clearly in DKA. 
I'm his case manager for education and when he saw my pump he 
asked me if I had a meter with me. I have a Precision Xtra that also 
does ketones. Well we ran both tests and they both came back 
high. SO more than 550 bg and off the scale ketones. I 
immediately informed the nurse who first had a fit that I let him test 
his blood and than told me that this was a type II diabetic 
according to their files and he would not get any meds. 

Maybe this kid was type 2 who became Type 1 he could be on Glucophage and
Avandia to reduce insulin resistance and to improve his LDL/ HDL ratio. I
just remember my momma telling me never assume anything because it makes an
ASS out of you and me. they should give you a medal. spot who used to work
as chief of neurology in a state/county hospital in nj fully familiar with
thier stupidity. new jersey the most overregulated state in the us, just
think of it, they have a law against it.
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