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[IP] Re: waddling like a duck

Natalie (and Sherry C.),

Thanks for reminding me that waddling like a duck is a good thing! I was
feeling for Sherry--I read her post just before I went out for the day to
run errands/waddle. Inducement comes on Monday, and none too soon!!

Sherry--if it helps, my blood sugars went through the same thing at 6
months. I felt horrible about it too. My husband constantly tells me I
do/did a great job. Remember, at least on the pump the highs aren't high
for very long. It is like MDI all over again--with the fatigue for me.
Soon, you will see somewhat of a pattern to the numbers. I'm sure you do
this too, but I test every two hours, and weekly average each 2 hour
segment. Patterns would emerge then, and me and my endo would make
changes. I know you're endo stinks, but you may be able to see patterns
and make changes. 

Maureen M.

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