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[IP] Darn Non-Diabetics And "Perfect" Diabetics (Long)

Ok, I need to vent on this topic too!  I can't help it
- this topic gets me soooo angry!  >:-(

I have a family members who have to put their two
cents worth of information in when they really don't
know enough about the disease to warrant saying
anything, even if they themselves are diabetic.

My mother, for example, HATES my pump.  She thinks it
is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  She
has told me, numerous times, that if I had been 18 and
living with her when I was diagnosed that I wouldn't
have even been allowed to THINK about getting a pump. 

She has called me saying that she hates the pump, that
she has talked to "knowledgeable" health professionals
who say that the pump is "evil," "bad," "could kill
me," etc.  One person even told her that I would be
prone to KIDNEY infections on the pump because of the
infusion set and would have to go on dyalisis or get a
kidney transplant!  (One of my kidney's is smaller
than the other one so I need to take extra care of
them and that fueled her to "warn" me about it so I'd
make the "right" decision.)

Then, I hate those family members who say to me, "Gee,
I didn't realize your diabetes was THAT bad that you
had to go on the pump.  If your doctor was as good as
you say he is, why aren't you regulated?  You know if
he was doing a better job you wouldn't have to be on
the pump.  In fact, you wouldn't have to be on insulin

It gets worse, especially when the same person says,
"Wow, I didn't realize you were taking such good care
of your diabetes that you are allowed to be on the
pump!  You must be really proud of yourself for doing
so well!"

Grrrr!  I HATE that!  On one hand, you have people
saying that they think you needed to be regulated
(with PERFECT blood sugars) before you need/can get a
pump.  On the other hand, you can have people (it
really bugs me if they are the same person) saying
that your diabetes must be "sooooo out of control and
desperate" to think about/be on the pump.....

Grrrr!  Then there is the situation I HATE HATE HATE -
those people who assume that because X family member
quit taking insulin and is doing fine that ALL
diabetics shouldn't take insulin; that we are too lazy
and if we would go out and exercise we wouldn't have
to be on shots or the pump because X family member
"got it together" and could stop taking insulin.

My grandfather is a case I'd like to mention.  He
considers himself a "borderline diabetic."  To give
him credit, he exercises every day and follows his
meal plan.  While he isn't on insulin or oral meds, he
does have good blood test results for his glucose
levels.  (His HbA1C results are 7 or lower.)  

He believes that my dietician and CDE are QUACKS
because they put me on the pump (he talked with
another diabetic friend of his who happens to have a
doctor who thinks pumps should be banned) and they
"let me eat whatever I want."  Even though I keep to
my original diet (I still keep 3 hours in between
meals and almost never skip meals everyday just like I
did when I was on shots) I have boasted to them that,
with the pump, I can go out and have a hot fudge
sundae once in awhile (as in NOT everyday for
breakfast, lunch and dinner) and not have a bad effect
from the situation if I handle it responsibly.  His
response is always sarcastic: "I wish I had YOUR
diabetes educator/dietician - I'd be able to get away
with doing/eating anything I wanted!"

Grrrr!  He feels that I shouldn't be on insulin and
that if I'd drink more water I'd be "getting rid of
the excess sugar in my blood."  According to him, I
just need to "get off my lazy butt and exercise" like
he does, even though I take 19 credits (and therefore
am running around campus everyday), do workstudy
(again running around), bowl 3 games every Saturday
and again on Sunday, ride horses and sometimes go to
the gym and swim!!!  What do I need to do to exercise
more, sleep while running on a
treadmill!?!?!?!?!?!There's more, but I think you all
get the point.....

In the end, no matter HOW hard you try, no matter HOW
much you tell them, they still are going to believe
those "old fashioned" nurses and doctors because they
have a title after their name and we don't.  They will
follow X article because it is published and we
haven't published anything.  Believe me - I've tried
to educate my family, but they JUST DON'T GET IT!!! 
And they won't until they WANT to listen or get it.  

My family thinks I am "lazy" and "un-responsible"
because I have a difficult time getting "perfect"
readings each and every time I test.  To them,
anything I say is an excuse because "I just don't care
enough."  If I have a high reading and say, "I know
why I got that reading; it's all my fault" the first
thing that comes to their mind was that I was
"over-indulging" when in reality I could have realized
there was an air bubble in my tubing.  (And I really
get lectured if I accidently forgot to bolus - rare,
but I'm ashamed to admit it has happened.)

So, all I just do is vent to you guys and say,
behind their backs, try to realize that they DO mean
well and want me to be happy and healthy.  I just hope
they remain healthy for the rest of their lives
because I don't really want them to find out the hard
way how it really is..........

So, today's signature line is going to be different. 
It's going to have my "TITLES" after my name because I
think they are just as important as any other title
you may see from any doctor/nurse/etc. because I LIVE
through my health conditions.  I am human - I am ME - 
after all, and I'll be damned if what I experience
doesn't amount for anything!!!


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