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[IP] Treatment Centers

SNIP>>>>What no one has brought up yet, and I'm not familiar with these
(PTL), were the parents not allowed to visit their son for 23 days and do
not KNOW he requires daily insulin? Wouldn't they have had a concern that he
MUST have that insulin and not sit idly by hoping the center will *cure him*
of all drugs? I'm baffled by the lack of involvement of the

Most drug treatment centers I know of do not allow  the patient to contact
anyone on the "outside" or even talk on the phone for several weeks.    And
we don't know whether the parents were involved at all.  Sometimes kids,
drug addicts, have reached a point where the parents have given up and have
had to cut all ties to protect themselves and for the hopeful benefit of the
addict.   As a parent you hope that addict reaches a "bottom" where they
will ask for help, "get with the program" and live a life in recovery.  Many
addicts have no one available to "care".   

Since we don't know the circumstances of this child...we can't judge the
parental role.  
Who has walked in those moccasins

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