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[IP] kid


I have been thinking about your story all day.  In fact, I keep getting so 
uncharacteristically distracted by it that I think I must be getting hypo.  I 
test my blood, I'm fine.  I am, however, upset.

It sounds like other list members with good journalism contacts are looking 
into this one. I'm sure it's a bigger issue than this one kid.  I have heard 
of other chronically ill people being denied medication in jail.  

I myself had a similar, far milder, experience in a hospital.  I became 
dehydrated from vomitting after a food poisoning episode.  I went to the 
hospital and recovered quickly on iv fluids.  They then wanted me to eat a 
meal and hold it down before being released.  My pump was almost empty.  I 
told them I couldn't eat the meal unless they would give me insulin.  "This 
is an emergency room"  I was told.  "We only treat high blood sugar."  I 
refused to eat the tray they were offering me (mashed potatoes and skim milk) 
without insulin.  They refused to release me if I wouldn't eat.  Finally I 
called an attorney friend and asked him to come say threatening things and 
get me out.  They still wouldn't provide insulin or release me.  I finally 
left AMA.

I'm guessing that diabetics are treated this way daily in jails, in 
hospitals, in psychiatric units and schools, in short in all places where 
people are supposed to surrender control.  Diabetes requires a level of 
self-care that challenges the kind of control medical, educational, and penal 
institutions expect to have over people.  

I understand the gag order Gail and I understand why you would have to follow 
it.  However, there are a lot of us who don't and I think this is an 
important issue.  I'd like to hear from other people who agree.

Jane Holzka
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