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RE:[IP] Suggestions for tape on Minimed Silo?

Sue-  I was told keep it at a 20 degree angle.  (VERY IMPORTANT)  If you go
any further the cathetor will bend and block causing >BS's.  I switched from
the Soft-set micros and have not had a problem yet...its been about a week.
It is more comfortable! If you are slim then I was told you really can't go
too shallow.  Pinch an inch up and then insert it....

Good luck.....Brian

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Subject: Re: [IP] Suggestions for tape on Minimed Silo?
From: "sue depinto" <email @ redacted>

I finally tried inserting the sils a few times, thinking I would get better
absoption by putting them in mid-riff area, but my BS's were quite a bit
worse. I'm wondering, can you insert them too shallowly (not at a large
enough angle) and get this effect? They were more comfortable, but went up
to 447 2 hrs after lunch the other day, so I am now back on the sof-set
micro's. Any help appreciated.
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