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[IP] What I do with my time

Once in a while some one asks what I do at Insulin Pumpers. I thought 
I'd give you a run down on my morning.

I arrived a few minutes before 8:00 after dropping my twins at 
school. Turned on my trusty computer and picked up my mail from the 
server. Hmmm.... a couple of hundred messages including 13 from the 
PEDS-ENDO mail list regarding an ongoing war of words about whether 
or not young kids should be put on pumps. -- I'll attend to that 
later, too busy now. Retrieved the responses from yesterday's 
challenge from the secure server and wrote thank you notes to 
everyone that sent a contribution + a couple of letters to those that 
contributed by check. Read and answered most of the e-mail until I 
got to Gail's post -- What a SHOCKER. Wrote a letter to the Governer 
of New Jersey, ADA, JDF, and a few others as well as sending some 
info off to a couple of reporters. Still some mail left, so answered 
that. Processed the donations and went across the street to the bank 
to depost the checks. In the mail were several requests to make 
alterations or additions to the web site. Can't do that right now, 
not enough time. Finished answering the e-mail and noticed it's 
almost 12:30 -- time flies when your have'n fun, right?? Guess I'll 
have to leave the book keeping for another day -- seems like that 
always happens and it's stacked up about 5 inches now but I can't do 
more than half a day or nothing else gets done. PEDS-ENDO will have 
to wait as well.

Thought I'd write this note so you had the flavor of the IP office.
email @ redacted
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