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[IP] Update on Child in Drug Rehab

Hi folks

After spending the day with internal affairs. Basically I not in any 
trouble but gag ordered. I have full reassurance that all actions will 
be taken against the facitily and the medical team by our 
department including the ending of the contract for the beds in the 
facility that is effective immediately. All the rest of our kids that are 
there are being moved by the end of the weekend. 

As far as parental involvement the child is a ward of the state. His 
casemanger that should be looking out for him called me today. 
She said that he is one of about 300 kids on her case load. This is 
not unusually here. His mother actually lost here rights because 
she wasn't attending to him medically. (Kid has been in DKA about 
9 times in the last two years) Mother was paying drugs for herself. I 
work with a hard to understand popluation at times. 

I talked to the case manager and we are going to see if we can get 
him a pump now that medicare is approving. The kid is about 16 
and will probably be geared to going into a supervised independent 
living situation. I'm keeping in touch with this one. What kills me is 
that all the kid was the courts for was stealing (from a grocery 
store numerous times. And the drug treatment came because the 
kid smoked pot once or twice and Human Service didn't have a 
placement for him so they used the urines to place the kid 
temporily. I hate to say this but it happens ina very overcrowded 
and under staffed facilties.

As for the kid. He is feeling better now that his bs are down. They 
had them about 200 today. I called Medisense and explained a 
little bit about the situation and they are sending me a meter with 
about 400 strips to start the kid off. It is being overnighted and I 
hope to bring him the meter tomorrow or Saturday. He's a sweet 
kid that has been put though a lot. 

As I know more I'll share
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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