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Re: [IP] Anemia Question

> Has anyone hear had anemia that has NO underlying cause?  I am
> currently anemic at such a low iron level that I am considered
> depleted.  My doctor suspected my stomach was bleeding from having
> to take Motrin for many years due to a shoulder injury.  I had an
> endoscopy done today and my stomach is not bleeding.  Stool samples
> were negative for blood. My doctor, I'm sure will run other tests
> but has anyone ever heard of long term diabetes causing anemia this
> badly?  I check my sugars quite often and wonder if even those 8-12
> drops of blood per day used to test could eventually cause this. 
> Any advise would be appreciated as I would certainly like to find
> the cause of this.  Currently I am on daily iron supplements.

If there is no other underlying reason, then it may be just 
because you are a woman. This part of is genetic. Women almost 
always have lower hemocrit levels than men simply because of mensus. 
If mensus is just a little heavier on the average for you than for 
other women, you could easily be anemic for that reason alone. I had 
a girl friend in college that had exactly this problem. Might want 
to see your GYN who would be more knowledgable about the subject. 
Supposedly a diet heavy in the red meat + certain veggies that are 
high in iron helps as much or more than the pill supplements. The 
flip side is that for men, hemocrit can run very high 'cause they 
don't bleed -- perhaps in pre-civilized days, battle and bleeding 
were supposed to take care of this :-) Anyway, the higher hemocrit 
levels lead to increased risk for blood vessel disease, heart 
problems, etc... Donating blood once or twice a year is usually 
enough to keep hemocrit levels at quite acceptable levels for guys.

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