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[IP] Re: New Meters - venting

>Doesn't your insurance cover the meters if they cover the strips?  Mine does.  >I can replace my meter any time and I can replace my husbands ( different
>insurance) every year. Is this just really good insurance?

We just got new insurance this month so I have to check with them. But
our previous insurance had a "preferred" meter conpany. So they would
cover a meter if you bought that specific brand (in fact they would send
you one free), but they wouldn't pay for meters by other companies.
However they would cover the strips no matter what brand, I believe
because of state law here in Iowa. It seems odd to me that the law would
require them to cover strips of any brand, but not meters, but I have
never looked up the actual law, so perhaps they should've covered the
meter too and we were just getting sc***ed...
ps. would be interested in knowing what insurance you have that allowed
you to obtain multiple husbands, and also how you get to replace them
each year :-) Would like to upgrade mine to Shane 2.0 - identical model
as Shane 1.0 but without the diabetes.
sorry, couldn't resist :)
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