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Re: [IP] Re: Gail's vent

I wonder what would have happened if this person had a pump or other
medications needed such as thyroid?  The policy certainly needs to be
Maybe the parents couldn't come and visit. It sounds like the medical doctor
was not practicing medicine.; There was an expose on some treatment centers
(a chain of them- one which is in Georgia) last year on TV on national
network. And their policy was they could not see people for many days..what
was in question was the treatment of these children when the children didn't
mind or were going through withdrawal. It was horrible..they didn't get the
treatment that was being paid for..they were neglected..not listened too..it
was awful.
Maybe this is what is going on here.
I think maybe somehow this should be brought to the attention of the Senator
of the state this took place in and an invesitigation should be called for.
Denying true medical treatment is inhumane, neglect, abuse, etc etc etc.
How is denying him insulin helping him with his addiction problems?
Or not letting him check his blood sugar or at least a doctor, attendent or
nurse do it if they are uncomfortable with him having testing supplies. A
nurse should be able to give his insulin and pill.
If possible please keep us updated.
I'll be keeping you and this situation in my prayers.
Ginny and Misty (service dog)
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