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[IP] IP] bedwetting

Of course, just before diagnosis my, then 6yo, started wetting.  This
continued for 1,5 yrs.  Then we started pumping and as soon as we got
basals close the wetting stopped.  Now, she didn't have a problem before D
set in, so it is a different case than your child's.  Hopefully, the pump
will help get some stability to the bg and help him deal with it.

I am not D but wet the bed until I was 11yo.  It is very embarrasing.  It
only stopped with puberty.  It is amazing how hard you can try not to wet
but it just happens.  I feel for him.

If he were my child I would encourage him to go and have fun.  If he wets,
deal with it.  Be open and even explain how the body functions with high
bg.  Then change the sheets and go skiing.  If the kids he is with are
friends, they will help him change the sheets and get on with life.  If
they are not, screw em.

We all have moments when we find out who our friends are.  Maybe that is a
good thing.

Curtis Lomax
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