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[IP] Re: New Meters - venting

>Kelly said: Just an FYI to all pumpers out there!!  The Freestyle company is >going to do another promotion sometime in the next couple weeks where if you >buy 2 boxes of strips you can get a meter free

Ok, I have to vent about these "free" meter promotions (note I am
venting at the meter companies, not at Kelly!). I know there are some
people out there with no insurance, for whom these promotions are
useful. But many of us have insurance which pays for the strips. But you
can't use the insurance to pay for the strips in the "buy the strips get
the meter" promotions. So we can either pay $100 for 2 boxes of strips
and get the meter, or we can just pay the $80 for the meter and the $20
co-pay on the strips. Either way we are paying $100 to get the meter -
how is this any great deal??? And yes, I know there are the trade-in the
old meter rebates, etc to get some money back. But Shane doesn't like to
send off his old meter. He likes to keep it as a backup, or give it to
someone in need of a better meter. Anyway, we all know a meter shouldn't
cost $100 but they keep on charging it...
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