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[IP] Re: Gail's vent

> > I am familiar with drug treatment centers and this center's behavior is
not the norm, in my experience.  If that were my son, I would be suing the
hell out of the state and telling newpapers and
television and everything I could.  Those were criminal and negligent actions.
> >

What no one has brought up yet, and I'm not familiar with these situations
(PTL), were the parents not allowed to visit their son for 23 days and do they
not KNOW he requires daily insulin? Wouldn't they have had a concern that he
MUST have that insulin and not sit idly by hoping the center will *cure him*
of all drugs? I'm baffled by the lack of involvement of the parents. Maybe
they have just had it with their kid and left it up to the state? I'm
clueless, but something is amiss here.  We know the parents on THIS LIST have
great involvement/concern for their DM children, but not all parents are like
that. What about these particular parents? I can't imagine....  YMMV

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