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Re: [IP] Those Darn Non-DM'ers

>My point though is if you talk 
>of a symptom connected with diabetes, some idiot knows 
>all about it and can tell you in an instant what to do about.

My current favorite is "low blood sugar." If I mention it,
non-DMers will say things like "oh, yes, I feel terrible when
my blood sugar is low." Of course, they have never actually
tested their blood sugar with a meter. They're just talking 
about the folk medical concept of "low blood sugar," which
basically means "feeling tired for no obvious reason." It has
absolutely nothing to do with hypoglycemia as experienced
by diabetics or people with reactive hypoglycemia. It probably
has nothing to do with blood sugar at all. Arrrgh.

>Little do they know that out of 1m 
>diabetics, no two react the same to food, insulin, exercise, 
>stress etc, etc. 


>Most non-diabetics seem to think the ailment 
>has affected our mental well being and that we are mostly 
>brain dead. 

A woman I know told me that her doctor husband actually 
believes this -- that high blood sugar affects people's mental 
functions, and that's why his diabetic patients just don't seem 
to cope very well with their condition. (He's not an endo, but 
he has some patients he sees for other reasons who are also 
diabetic.) I couldn't believe that she told me this so matter of
factly. I gave her an earful, believe me. Then she said he only 
really thought this about type 2s. As though that made it okay.

/Janet L.

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