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[IP] Re: Anemia

> Has anyone hear had anemia that has NO underlying cause?  I am currently
> anemic at such a low iron level that I am considered depleted <snip> Any
> advise would be appreciated as I would certainly like to find the cause of
> this.  Currently I am on daily iron supplements.
> Thank You, Linda

Have you had a kidney function test? Kidney dysfunction is so gradual we often
don't notice over time until tests reveal. I have had low iron many, many
years and I believe the endometriosis helped that cause. Then after a complete
hyst. 21 yrs ago,
eliminated that problem. But the kidneys produce a hormone (erythropoietin =
EPO) that makes the bone marrow produce red blood cells. As the kidneys fail,
the iron goes low. For 6 years now I get bi-weekly EPO (Procrit, Epogen)
injections as a replacement and take 300 mg iron daily. A couple of months ago
I had to have two 4-hr sessions of iron infusion. This is all because of my

I say it's sneaky, because one gal on another list I'm on didn't have a clue
she was in kidney failure until she got a blood test for marriage. I highly
recommend all DMers get the 24-hr urine test at least yearly to keep abreast
of kidney function. The creatinine level gives the %. (My creatinine that has
been mentioned here a few times by others i.e. 1300, etc. is so high my neph
doesn't waste the $ on that test.)

Years ago when I knew my function was at 80% - I accepted it as a fact of
DM. -  NOW I'M MAD!! I'm at 18.3% now and *perhaps* if I'd been kept
up-to-date with pumping improvements over the last 17 years I may not be this
bad off!!!!!! Who knows?  But, *I* suspect your anemia *may* have something to
do with kidney function since you mentioned long-term DM.  IF IT IS, please,
see a nephrologist for the best care. DMers are very susceptible to kidney
dysfunction, therefore, take the bull by the kidneys and fight it. (~_^)

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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