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[IP] New meter(s)

Yesterday afternoon, my meter started acting up.  Actually, the meter itself
seems to be working just fine, but the liquid crystal display is losing
parts of the display.  I called LifeScan (I use a Profile) and the rep
quickly said they'd replace the meter.  Then she asked if I had any other
meter.  I had gotten a Dex as a freebie a little over a year ago but don't
use it because Kaiser doesn't supply the disks.  She asked for the serial
number and she's going to replace that one, too.  They are supposed to
arrive tomorrow (Friday).

Of course, this just illustrates that the hardware for this (and most lab
tests, actually) is pretty much throw away stuff for the manufacturers.
They make their profit on the strips, reagents, etc.  Anyway, there are some
good practices out there, and this is one of them.

Jim Handsfield
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