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[IP] Beware of False Cures

Janet I have been given good well-meaning advice????????by friends 
prescribing everything from voodoo, scriptual incantantions, stump water, 
bovine urine and you name it. Now all these well meaning friends had a 
cousin, uncle, step brother or someone near and dear to them who had been 
cured of their diabetes by this simple regimen of whatever it was. My advice, 
ignore all this well meaning drivel from idiots, see your doc and do your 
best to follow his advice,  knowing full well that it is sympomatic for all 
diabetics to cheat on their diets a little. Fact is that since starting pump 
thearpy, I rarely mention the D word, and just bolus for what I eat and let 
it go. Working pretty good so far. BW
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