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[IP] bedwetting

OK, this is embarrassing - for my son.  Brian is getting ready to go on the
pump and I have been reading EVERYTHING I can to get ready.  My question now
is about bedwetting.  Brian is a VERY sound sleeper and if he has an
"accident" it doesn't even wake him up.  I always feel bad when I go to get
him up in the morning and he's cold, laying in a wet bed.  I have done some
2am checks and yes, if he is high, he is going to be wet.  But to be honest,
there are times he is wet when he is low or his readings are within range.  I
am hoping that when he goes on the pump and we get his readings within normal
range the bedwetting will stop.  I handle this OK, making his bed in layers
with waterproof padding in between each layer, but of course he is embarrassed
and a little nervous about a ski weekend coming up with friends - where I
won't be there!  Before he was diagnosed he was a bedwetter and we have been
through (under doctor supervision) the routine: limit fluids, waking up to use
the bathroom, buzzers, nose sprays, pills and of course everything worked -
for a little while.  Needless to say he was never put on the pills or nose
spray without checking for diabetes before hand.  He was totally "normal"
11/98 and then diagnosed 7/99 - they don't call it "sudden onset" for nothing.
Then after he was diagnosed we seemed to have won the battle.  He went at
least a year without wetting and now it is back.  I wonder if it is the stress
of preparing for going on the pump.  Brian doesn't like change - any change.
He wants the pump, but its still a change.  He has to miss a couple days of
school for training which causes stress because he still needs to get all the
work done.  Have any of you had any experiences that you would not mind
sharing with me?  I thank you all in advance for you help.

Jocelyn, Mom of Brian - 14 days till the pump
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